San Diego Wedding Planner and San Diego Wedding Coordinator – Why Hiring a Wedding Planner is Cost Effective

Many brides and or grooms dream about their wedding day and can’t wait to dive right into planning. Inversely there are also those that want no part of it.

A wedding planner or wedding coordinator can help both of these extremes. A great way to think about a wedding planner is as an Entertainment Book; yes you pay $20 to buy the book but there are $100’s of dollars of savings inside. Wedding planners are in the industry and know all the best deals that are not visible to the public eye. It is true that they are a time saver and save a lot of stress; but a GREAT wedding planners biggest asset should be cost savings to their clients. It is our intent to bring your dream wedding to you at a cost you did not think was possible. We are able to do this due to our negotiation abilities, cost saving strategies, a lot of creativity, and connections with people in the industry for every type of wedding.

Enthuse prides itself on making sure brides see the value and investment they are making on their bottom line. If you have $100,000 to spend or $10,000, your wedding will look like you spent even more as Enthuse makes the most out of every dollar in your budget. If you would like to learn more about our services please Contact Us.

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San Diego Wedding Planner and San Diego Wedding Coordinator – Cost Effective Flowers

Flowers are expensive.  So how can you save money and still have your dream flower?  Many people have come to me with this question and Enthuse Weddings has saved them hundreds of dollars.  Here are some tips:

– Use a less expensive filler flower and accent your pieces with your dream flower; roses, carnations, wild Flower, etc.

– Choose a simple design that is DIY

– Purchase the vases separately and tell your florist you will provide them

– Choose flowers that are in season

These are just some of the tips that your wedding coordinator and/ or wedding planner can offer you.  They usually have already done all the research to find the best deals.  Often times they will also have connections within their county.  Check out our website and contact us for more information.